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The UK government has recently rolled out The Selective Schools Expansion Fund. This fund allows selective schools such as grammar schools to expand their premises. Previously, such schools were only allowed to expand on the land they already own. But with this new launch will allow grammar schools to offer more place to pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

As the Education secretary Damian Hinds has recently announced: “Children only get one chance at an education and they deserve the best, wherever they live and whatever their background. Standards are rising in our schools and we’ve created hundreds of thousands of new places since 2010 but we want to make sure every family can access a good school.”

The launch of this fund follows from the 2016 (updated May 21018) consultation regarding “schools that work for everyone” which details the measures intended to increase the collaboration between various business sectors to ameliorate the accessibility of good schools by children from less privileged backgrounds. It also encourages universities and independent schools to work with state schools to improve student attainment. The published consultation can be read here.

More on the new fund can be found by following the link here.