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Educand is a British-based teaching & learning specialist and consultancy. We are led by a team of dedicated and hard-working professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality educational services to students, schools and educational institutions worldwide.

We were initially founded as a response to the growing need for non-traditional approaches to education, promoting self-discovery, knowledge construction and independent learning. We have now expanded our services to include a wider range of bespoke educational services and consultancy, such as private tuition, professional development, curriculum design, capacity building and more.

Our tuition services are aimed at giving students the ability to learn from high-calibre tutors whilst allowing them to exercise their flexibility and options on what to learn.

We are headquartered in Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city in the heart of country and home to 5 top universities as well as numerous schools and colleges. This gives us access to a large pool of talented professionals who work with us to provide expert educational and consultancy services.

We are committed to making quality educational services more accessible globally.

Company Address: Educand, Suite 2a, Blackthorn House, St Paul's Square, Birmingham, UK. B3 1RL

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